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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

why the world is round

i discovered you yesterday
lying under that tree. you were happy and you were foolish with that lovely apple in your hand.
i saw the bite you took out of that fresh perfect fruit
i also saw that you shared it with your lover, and now your sorrow shall be doubled.
your redemption comes in death and pain and sacrifice now.
gone are the idylic days of your never-ending youth, and gone is your naked purity.

you saw me and you cried as you hid in the shade of your tree...i cried too, and my tears were a mist in the garden.
i gave you a gift and you still asked for more, but not from me.
yesterday's yesterday found us side by side and hand in hand as we walked together at then end of each day...you would bring the sweetest smile to my face, and you in turn, would find yourself alive more than life itself.

the door here will be ever blocked by my anger and righteousness, because you have fallen, and you can't hide that from me. i have seen it and now i cannot allow you to continue in this harmony. cover yourself so that no one can see your nakedness as you leave this place.
now you know the power and mystery of your free will. now you understand what i meant when i told you to use it wisely. now you have the chance to choose me.
choose me, and someday i will bring you back to my garden.

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